Become an Expert in STIC Fetal Echo Cardiography E-Master Course
• STIC Basic & Normal Fetal Heart
• Atrio Ventricular Septal Defect
• Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome & Coarctation of Aorta
• Tetralogy of Fallot Pulmonary Atresia with VSD
• Common Atrial Trunk & Dorv
• Fetal Echo Expert
Become an expert in Radiology & Fetal Medicine Ultrasound E-Master Course
• Urogenital Tuberculosis
• Hernia
• Fetal Anorectal Malformation
• Acute Abdomen
• Fetal Chest
• Disorder of Sexual Differentiation
• Fetal Renal Parenchymal Disease
• Ascites
Become an expert in Fetal Medicine Ultrasound E-Master Course
• Ectopic Gestation
• Fetal Genetics
• Aneuploidy Markers - 1st Trimester
• Aneuploidy Markers - 2nd Trimester
• Risk Assessment and Counselling
• Fetal Git
• Fetal Gut
• Fetal CNS and Face
• Fetal Chest
• Fetal Left Heart Anomalies
• Fetal Right Heart Anomalies
• Fetal Doppler
Become an expert in Musculoskeletal & Small Parts Ultrasound
• Basics & Fundamentals of MSK Ultrasound
• HRSG of Shoulder
• HRSG of Elbow
• HRSG of Wrist and hand
• HRSG of Knee and Ankle
• Ultrasound Neurosonography HRSG of Knee
• Basics of Ocular and Orbital Ultrasound
• HRSG of neck
• Non Thyroidal Neck Masses
• HRSG of Thyroid and Parathyroid
• HRSG of Anterior Abdominal Wall
• HRSG of Cranial Ultrasound of Infant Brain
Become an expert in 3D/4D Gynecology Ultrasound E-Master Course
• 3D/4D Gynecology Ultrasound Tips & Tricks
• 3D/4D Uterus Normal Vs Abnormal
• 3D Uterus Fibroid and Polyps
• 3D/4D IVF Aplication
• 3D/4D Hycosy Application
• 3D/4D Overian Anamolies
• 3D/4D Obs Ultrasound - Tips & Tricks
• 3D/4D Fetal Face Normal and abnormal anamolies
• 3D/4D Fetal Skeletal Normal vs Abnormal
• 3D/4D Fetal Limbs Normal Vs Abnormal
• 3D/4D Fetal Neuro Normal Vs Abnormal
• STIC Fetal Echo Basics Guidelines
Become an expert in Breast & Gynecology Ultrasound E-Master Course
• Basics of Breast Ultrasound
• Scanning protocol & Image Optimization
• Mammography - Breast Imaging Lexicon
• Breast Elastography
• Birads on Mammography & Ultrasound
• Role of 3D in Breast Ultrasound
• Approach to evaluation an Ovarian Mass and Risk Assessment
• Ultrasound in fallopian tubes
• Fibroid mapping
• Uterus Evaluation (Morphology Uterus Sonographic Assessment)
• 3D Breast & Gynaecology – Master class – Normal Volumes
• 3D Breast & Gynaecology – Master class – Abnormal Volumes
Basic to Advance Radiology
E-Master Class
• Ultrasound Knobology and Common Artifacts and Image Optimization
• Ultrasound Evaluation of Hepatobiliary System (Liver, GB, Pancreas)
• Elastography Liver Musculoskeletal System
• Basic of Ultrasound Doppler and Optimizing Techniques
• Renal Arterial Doppler Evaluation
• Doppler Evaluation of Renal Transplant
• Portal Hypertension: Doppler Essentials
• Doppler Evaluation of Liver Transplant & Role of CEUS
• Salivary Gland and Other Neck Pathologies
• Thyroid nodule and Tirads Scoring
• Peripheral Arterial Doppler
• Peripheral Venous Doppler

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  • 12 Recorded Sessions
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