Training in Radiology (course, eligibility & scope)

What is Radiology? It is the science of developing images of the body organs to diagnose any disease. It is done using the lowest dose of radiation that travels through the body organs. Radiologists are medical doctors who get intense training in radiology to become a radiologist. They interpret the developed images and report the results to the other doctors and sometimes to the patient if required.It is divided into two kinds namely interventional radiology and diagnostic radiology. It has become an important part of the medical field since it is used various imaging techniques like radiographs, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, mammograms, more. Almost every field in medicine requires radiology to be done nowadays. It helps doctors diagnose the disease with precision and accuracy. The patients receive better treatment and early diagnosis can even save lives.

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Wondering about the course? The course content? Various courses are starting from Certificates, Diploma, Undergraduate, postgraduate, and PG Diploma. Onelearning offers Advance radiology courses or E-master courses, these courses will be taught by expert doctors like Dr. S Boopathy Vjayaraghavan and Dr. Alka Singhal. These courses are designed according to the ARDMS standards making sure you are automatically eligible to apply for the American licensing examination. The course contains topics from basics like ultrasound knobology, ultrasound evaluation, basics of ultrasound doppler and optimizing techniques,
to various other topics like peripheral venous doppler, peripheral arterial doppler, and more topics. Along with theory, you will also get hands-on training with the latest technology, and by the end of the course will have even learned how to develop the images, technical skills, and knowledge, document, record, and report the results.

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To take up the course of Radiology one must check all the eligibility criteria, only if you pass all the eligibility checks you will be able to apply for the course. Here are the eligibility criteria to apply for the radiology course-

  • Should have completed 12th standard in science
  • Should have studied physics, biology, and chemistry
  • Should have completed either diploma or graduate program. Graduation in M.Sc
  • Should attend entrance exam, must have completed MBBS and internship to apply for MD and MS courses.

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Once the criteria are met you can apply for the course, to know more about the eligibility you can also check The scope of the Radiology course is vast, you can apply for jobs namely Radiology technician, radiologist, MRI technician, Radiology Assistant, Radiologyechnologist/radiographer, Ultrasound technician, Radiology Nurse, CT tech, CAT scan technologist. You can find jobs in government and private hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical laboratories, and nursing homes. Depending on your qualification you can earn anywhere from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 9,00,000. Apply for the course today at Onelearning get to advance your career.

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