What is GENESIS ?

One of the meanings of Genesis is, a suffix added before the beginning, development, or production of something, namely gametogenesis or carcinogenesis. The other meaning of Genesis or rather full form is GEneral NEural SImulation System. This system was developed as a tool to research and provide standard and flexible means for constructing structural models of the biological neural system. These structures are computer-based implementations with the primary objective to capture the anatomical structure and physiological characteristics of the neural system.

The General Neural Simulation System or in other words GENESIS is built in such a way that it helps us understand the physical structure of the nervous system. it was originally used for single-cell modeling, however recent news has shown that it is being used for large networks as well. GENESIS has a parallel version called the GENESIS that has the same objects and commands plus new objects and commands that help construct the models of the nervous system. it is based on the building block approach, where neurons are formed in compartments and these are then linked together to form multi-compartmental neurons of the desired complexity.
So how does Genesis help in medical education? From the time GENESIS was launched to date this system has been teaching students about the concepts of neuroscience and computational neuroscience. Because of the user-friendly simulations, it can be used without having any knowledge of the GENESIS simulator or programming. GENESIS tutorials are being used widely in colleges and universities to teach computational neuroscience and neuron modeling. The benefits of GENESIS for education and medical fields are many. It has significant advantages over general-purpose simulators. It has a convenient user-interface that helps individuals to use the system with ease. It has libraries that are implemented as simulation scripts.it helps the medical professional focus on biological issues rather than computational issues. it is well documented, where a range of records and tutorials are available for the user to refer to.
With these advantages, it has helped the medical field in ways more than one can say, being able to study the nervous system with ease has helped medical professionals focus on the more important aspects of biology.

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