Top Neurosonology (neonatal, infant brain, and spine) course

Why is neurosonology important to learn for a sonologist, OBGYN Specialist, neurosurgeon, or neurologist? Newborns can have various neurological issues because of various reasons, this can during pre-birth, congenital, or after delivery. Knowing neurosonology is important for a doctor to give proper treatment and ensure the safety of the child. The doctor and the sonographer need to have deep knowledge of normal anatomy and developed images of the neonatal brain. Continuing to learn about Neurosology even after your education is over is important, there is continuous improvement in medical technology and the diseases and abnormalities have no end. Where can you find the best course for Neurosonology?

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The course is for sonographers who are looking to advance their career in Neurosonology, for OBGYN specialists who are interested in learning pregnancy assessment, and for neurologists who are seeking to upskill their ultrasound techniques and knowledge to answer neonatal and infant brain issues. Onelearning course for Neurosonology is designed by the experts according to the ARDMS/AIUM standards protocol. Onelearning courses ensure that your “point of care” is as per the global standards. Onelearning faculty consists of a team of experts and senior instructors who have years of experience in practice and teaching who give all their students one-to-one attention. The instructor to student ratio is 1:4 and hence the one-to-one attention along with hands-on experience on the state of the art training facilities.

Neurosonology course covers topics like physical principles and artifacts of ultrasound,

knobology, and image optimization, the basic difference between ultrasound, MRI and CT scan in scanning Neonatal and Infant brain imaging, scanning technique according to AIUM/ARDMS or global standard, basic practical proficiency in the assessment of Neonatal and Infant brain and spine, anatomy and normal sonographic appearances of Neonatal and Infant Brain and Spine and most importantly document, record and present the results to the doctor and the patient with the proper diagnosis.

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 At Onelearning, we strive for knowledge sharing and perfection. Onelearning team has introduced various learning methods like blended learning, video uploads, animated learning, game-based self-evaluation, and more. You will find everything that you need to complete a course in one place with ease and interest. Where you are located whether in India, the Middle East, Africa, or any other place we will bring the course to you. Onelearning making your learning interesting.

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