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Medical ultrasound is a process of creating images of the inner parts of the body such as the tendons, muscles, joints, blood vessels, and internal organs. The main aim of medical ultrasonography is to find the source of the disease and treat it successfully. Medical Ultrasonography is also used to get a visualization of the muscles, the size and structure, and pathological lesions.

Dreaming to be a medical ultrasonographer? Onelearning will help you realize your dream!

What does it take to be the best sonographer? Technical know-how, subject knowledge, compassion, passion, patience, calmness, and a keen eye for details. If you have most of these traits then you are the one, the best sonographer in the making. Onelearning offers medical Ultrasonography courses taught by the most experienced and the best medical professionals out there. We follow the ARDMS/AIUM standard protocols when it comes to our course modules. Once the course is completed successfully you will have your certificate in hand and you are automatically eligible to appear for the American Licensing exam.
Onelearning’s medical ultrasonography course module consists of important topics like – Sonographic principles and instrumentation (SPI), abdominal ultrasound, OBGYN ultrasound with neurosonology, small parts, and superficial structures ultrasound, clinical practicum (hands-on) Part-1, and clinical practicum part-2. These topics are chosen to keep in mind those medical professionals who want to be an advanced sonologist and sonographers. 

Want some change in the learning process? Onelearning believes in offering the best to its students when it comes to training methods. At Onelearning there are various learning methods that you can look forward to as a student, the most interesting one that our students find is the gamified learning evaluation. You play games and learn at the same time. Our team also offers various other methods of training like e-learning, where videos related to subject topics are uploaded that you can watch them anytime you want for better understanding. Case studies and documentaries are one of the most sought after methods
of learning, with this kind you will get a chance to learn from real-time cases. 

If you are passionate to learn then, Onelearning comes to you!

Onelearning courses offer you both Full-time and distance learning to all students whether in India or abroad Geographical distance is not a concern anymore, if you are located in Africa, the Middle East, Oman, or anywhere in Southeast Asia Onelearning will come to you. Our online classes offer the same experience as Full-time classes, where you will get one-to- one training experience with our faculty. Onelearning training equipment is the state of the art types of equipment that we offer to our students and faculty for the best hands-on experience and training purposes. 

Get your certificate today from Onelearning and become eligible to appear for the American Licensing exam.

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