ONELearn provides Stic Fetal Echocardiography Courses by our top Radiology Expert.

Stic Fetal Echocardiography is a test similar to an ultrasound.

Congenital heart disease is a commonest congenital anomaly. It is much more common than chromosomal malformations and spinal defects. Its estimated incidence is about 4-13 per 1000 live births. Congenital heart disease is a significant cause of fetal mortality and morbidity. Antenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease is extremely difficult and requires extensive training and expertise. The detection rate of congenital heart disease is very variable and it ranged from 35 to 86% in most studies. In the light of the above, the introduction of the new 3D/4D based Spatio-temporal Image Correlation (STIC) is highly welcomed to improve antenatal detection of congenital heart disease. STIC is an automated device incorporated into the ultrasound probe and has the capacity to perform slow sweep to acquire a single 3-dimensional (3D) volume. This acquired volume is composed of a great number of 2-dimension (2D) frames. This volume can be analyzed and reanalyzed as required to demonstrate all the required cardiac views. It also provides the examiner with the ability to review all images in a looped cine sequence. This technology has the ability to improve our ability to examine the fetal heart in the acquired volume and decrease examination time. Using this technique you can share the information and consult colleagues both at your clinical sitting or remotely using the internet.
One learning offering a master course on STIC fetal echocardiography course by our mentor Dr.B.S Ramamurthy.
As part of the continuous learning process, one learning pleased to extend this STIC fetal echo course to African (South Africa, East Africa, Central, and North Africa) and Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Riyadh, and more place) and all across the globe for creating strong knowledge base system.
Keywords: 3D/4D-based Spatio-temporal imaging correlation; congenital heart disease; fetal echocardiography.
Reference site- The new 3D/4D based spatio-temporal imaging correlation (STIC) in fetal echocardiography: a promising tool for the future – PubMed (nih.gov)

Become An Expert in STIC Fetal Echo Cardiography by Dr. B.S. Ramamurthy

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