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IVF Ultrasound Solution with Image Optimization and 3D Gynaecology Package Solutions

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  • 3D Gynaecology Package

18 Lectures


Understanding the Scanner And Optimizing the Image

Systematic Transvaginal Scan

Common Uterine Abnormalities and Impact on Fertility

Adnexal Lesions - Good, Bad, and Ugly

Tubal Patency Assessment

Baseline Scan and Deciding Stimulation Protocol

Follicular and Endometrial Dynamics in Treatment Cycles

Solving the Complexities of PCOS by Ultrasound

Sonoendocrinology - A New Avenue

Oocyte Retrieval

Embryo Transfer

Complications of Fertility Treatment - Role of Ultrasound

3D/4D Gynecology Ultrasound Tips & Tricks

3D/4D Uterus Normal Vs Abnormal

3D Uterus Fibroid and Polyps

3D/4D IVF Application Tips & Tricks

3D/4D Hycosy Application

3D/4D Ovarian Anomalies

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