Introduction Adenomyomatosis is a condition that happens in the gallbladder, it is one of the common conditions that occur among humans. Adenomyomatosis is a hyperplastic cholecystitis of the gallbladder wall. Adenomyomatosis is a non-threatening condition caused by diffuse or focal gallbladder wall thickening. The other causes are overgrowing of the mucosa, formation of the intramural …

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Recent Advances In Ultrasound Imaging

Course Click above to course details Recent Advances In Ultrasound Imaging Ultrasound Imaging is currently the most cost effective, non-invasive diagnostic radiological modality, devoid of the harmful effects of radiation. Dr. Asmita Singhal Senior Consultant Radiology Medanta The Medicity Ultrasound allows Radiologists to do real-time imaging of the internal anatomy of the body. With the …

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