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Pediatric ultrasound is the same as any other ultrasound the only difference it is done for children. Pediatric ultrasound is done to get the images of the inner body parts of the child such as the abdominal parts, diagnosing appendicitis, finding out the cause of vomiting, presence of any enlarged abdominal organ, guide procedures such as biopsies, and identifying the location of abnormal fluid in the abdomen area. Pediatric ultrasound is also done to examine the pancreas, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and more. The non-invasive and painless features of the Ultrasound make it all the easier to perform on children. Ultrasound does not require radiation and hence can be performed multiple times if necessary. The main benefit of Ultrasound is it helps evaluate the abdominal, pelvic, or scrotal pain in children.

Learn Pediatric ultrasound with Onelearning and advance your patient treatment.

Onelearning has introduced a new course in Pediatric Ultrasound, where you will be getting both theoretical and practical knowledge that will help you improve your point of care. This course is for all those medical professionals who are in the field of imaging and pediatrics looking to advance their skills, techniques, and treatment procedures. At Onelearning we understand the need for quality education and hence we have acquired the state of the art modern technology for practical education. We ensure that each student gets one-to-one hands-on training on these technologies. The instructor to student ratio at Onelearning is
1:4 ensuring all the students get the attention required in the class.

ARDMS standard learning at Onelearning, join now!

Onelearning instructors have an American-Canadian license for imaging or Ultrasound courses. Our course modules are designed as per the ARDMS/AIUM and CARDUP standards. After this course, you will automatically be eligible to apply for the American Licensing examination. With Onelearning courses, your point of care will automatically improve as all the courses are intensive and comprehensive. Pediatric Ultrasound is a six months intensive course where all the topics of the subjects are covered. At Onelearning as a student will find various learning methods as compared to a regular college or university. You will find blended learning techniques, animated videos, e-learning, one-minute learning videos, Onehelp Desk, game-based self-evaluation, case studies, and more. With these many ways to learn, it is sure to keep things interesting. Join the world of Onelearning where all the learning solutions are integrated into one place.

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