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Breast ultrasound technicians are those medical professionals who perform ultrasounds to find that one small lump or a cancerous tumor in the breast area. Finding these lumps or tumors requires high skills, why you ask? When hospitals hire a breast ultrasound technician they look for certain skills in a technician like does the professional understand how to position mammography or MR, how much time does the professional take to detect lumps that don’t require a lot of time. Are they independent thinkers? Do they have confidence in their ability to determine the pathology of individual patients? These are some of the skills
that you will need to acquire to become the best ultrasound technician or professional. 

Want to learn to be an efficient breast ultrasound technician? Onelearning brings you the best courses available to advance your skills. Our courses are all prepared and planned as per the recent technology available in the market today. Onelearning offers basics to advanced courses in breast ultrasound. You will be taught about the mammography or MR position to detect lumps and tumors. 

Gain the skills required to be an expert at ONELearning.

Onelearning courses cover topics like basics of breast ultrasound, scanning protocol and image optimization, mammography- breast imaging lexicon, Birads on mammography and ultrasound, Role of 3D in breast ultrasound, and many other topics that will be taught by the experts, senior instructors, top doctors of India who have designed the course module themselves. Onelearning offers various teaching methods like One-minute learning videos, One help desk, case studies, blended learning, animated video learning. Onelearning strives hard to provide top-quality courses, to keep learning interesting at every step. Our courses
follow the curricula of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography(ARDMS), and Sonography Canada (CARDUP) protocols. 

Gamified learning, Onelearning’s new approach towards teaching. ONELearning offers gamified learning where you play various games to test your knowledge and skills that you have learned over time. ONELearning offers full-time and distance learning as well, In the Middle East, any part of India, Oman, or Africa wherever you live you now have access to our courses. If your job does not allow you to take a long break for studies worry not, Onelearning will bring the course to you through distance learning. Our one-to-one learning experience gives equal opportunity to all students making it a unique experience for all.

Grow in your profession with ONELearning.

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