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Since the time of its invention, to date, ultrasound has been a huge development in the field of medicine. Ultrasound offers a better and faster diagnosis of a disease. It gives a better image of the inner parts of the body. In gynecology, ultrasound has a huge role to play, especially 3D ultrasound. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create and develop images of body parts. This device uses a transducer to do so. In the field of gynecology 3D, ultrasound sound helps in a great many ways starting with giving a lifelike image of the fetal to the doctor and the expectant couples. 3D ultrasound helps determine many other symptoms like congenital anomalies, fibers, polyps, uterine adhesions, and more. With 3D ultrasound in the picture, medical professionals can now offer faster and timely diagnosis and treatment to their patients. 

3D ultrasound, a revolution that changed the world of diagnosis. Learn 3D ultrasound with Onelearning!

As a medical professional if using a 3D ultrasound is something that you haven’t learned then it’s nothing to worry about, you still have time to apply for the course and get started. Onelearning is one such platform where we offer medical professionals various courses in medical imaging and IVF and 3D ultrasound solutions for gynecology is one such course. Onelearning faculty consists of some of the most esteemed and reputed doctors and senior instructors who are in the field of teaching for years now. They teach all the topics that will help medical professionals throughout their careers. Onelearning prepares students to
perform better diagnoses, give better treatment, and give back to society. At Onelearning the courses are designed as per the AIUM/ARDMS standard protocols ensuring that once you receive the course certificate then you will be able to automatically apply for ARDMS licensing examination. 

Learn ARDMS/AIUM standard course with Onelearning.

Infertility & IVF and 3D Gynae Ultrasound course consists of topics such as understanding the scanner and optimizing the images, systematic transvaginal scan, common uterine abnormalities, and impact on fertility. Adnexal lesions, tubal patency assessment, baseline scan and deciding simulation protocol, follicular and endometrial dynamics in treatment cycles. Solving PCOS complexities by ultrasound, sonoendocrinology, oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer, and complications of fertility treatment. These topics will be taught over 6 months by the expert instructors and doctors, you will also be offered personalized
assistance, 3D/4D technical sessions, 3D/4D Gynae ultrasound, and evaluation by experts. Onelearning package for this course also covers 12 recorded video sessions, Onehelp desk, game-based self-evaluation, and image submission. 

With Onelearning your learning experience will always be engrossing. Join us now!

At Onelearning we strive hard to offer you only the best. Onelearning offers video-based learning where videos will be uploaded for you to refer to and learn anytime you want. We even upload one-minute learning videos where you will get to learn about the technology direct from the doctors. Apart from these we have blended learning, Onehelp desk support, animated learning, case studies, documentaries, and game-based self-evaluation sessions. These various methods of learning will keep things interesting got you and keep you hooked to the courses until the end. Onelearning brings the courses to you whether you are in India, Middle Eastern countries, Oman, Africa, or southeast Asia, if you are unable to attend courses in person due to your job, Onelearning offers an option to learn through distance learning. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from experts, register today with Onelearning.

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