Adenomyomatosis is a condition that happens in the gallbladder, it is one of the common conditions that occur among humans. Adenomyomatosis is a hyperplastic cholecystitis of the gallbladder wall. Adenomyomatosis is a non-threatening condition caused by diffuse or focal gallbladder wall thickening. The other causes are overgrowing of the mucosa, formation of the intramural diverticula. It is of three types, focal, segmental, and diffuse form. Why Adenomyomatosis occurs, the doctors are not sure, the cause is still unknown, however, it has been said that Adenomyomatosis can be a reaction to chronic inflammation of the gallbladder.

Adenomyomatosis is found among adults of all ages, but more common among adults above 50 years of age. One of the possible causes can be chronic inflammation since most of the patients diagnosed are of the age group of the 50s. Different research studies have shown different results about Adenomyomatosis, some studies say that this condition is more prevalent among women than men, at the same time many other studies state that this condition occurs in men and women equally.


While diagnosing for Adenomyomatosis Ultrasound is the ordered test that is first conducted, however, doctors can often get confused between Adenomyomatosis and cholesterolosis. In this case, doctors go for the next best option that is MRI, helping with further characterization. This happens because the wall thickening found on the Ultrasound images cannot be characterized well enough to give out the correct diagnosis. As per the ultrasound images, the echogenic foci with V-shaped comet tail artifacts are most specific and MRI shows wall thickening and T2 hyperintense intramural cystic space, that form a curvilinear sign. 


When Adenomyomatosis is detected and is non-threatening then it does not need any treatment. But if it becomes difficult to differentiate better threatening and nonthreatening Adenomyomatosis then in that case the doctors usually treat it with cholecystectomy.

There are specific preventive measures that one can take to avoid getting Adenomyomatosis, one can only try and lead a healthy lifestyle. Get regular check-ups done and if incidentally It is detected then the doctors will immediately inform you of the next steps based on the diagnosis. 

Medical professionals 

The doctors and medical professionals are well trained to detect and diagnose Adenomyomatosis on the Ultrasound/MRI sounds. However to perform an Ultrasound or MRI a medical professional should have completed a course on how to perform and record the images to ensure that the right area is scanned and the characteristics and be detected.

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