About Smart Class

One COE Location, 2 Days of Transformative Learning, Group of People from across India, and our renowned Speaker(S) come together on a single platform.

Reasons Why You Should Attend The Smart Class

1. Join Us In Paradise!

Experience an extraordinary Environment with focussed Group in a paradise location. We at ONELearning strongly believe that a remarkable ambience plays a crucial role to enhance your learning capability and creates a right mindset for longer retention.

2. Learn at Your own Pace & Improved Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the key factors necessary for effective learning. Blended learning enables the course participants to work together, engage in discussions. You also get the Tabs loaded with online lectures and evaluation to define your own timings and pace to learn and get them answered in the live classes

3. Transform your Learning to the Next Level

Get exclusive training, learning, and transformation from some of the most renowned speakers , sharing their best practices and ideas. This experience will teach you to do more, accomplish more, and get to your goals faster.

4. 2 Days Of Incredible Experience & Live Workshop

Unlike Webinars and Regular Conferences, Smart classes tend to concentrate more on in-classroom teaching and learning techniques using Simulation methods, Gamifications, Roleplays and many more, all in the midst of a paradise location.

5. Engaging Case Discussions

 When you attend Smart Class, you’re not just attending a workshop. You’re networking with people across country and learn different ways of looking at the cases. Everyone is motivated to actively participate, which leads to much better learning outcome.

6. Self-Evaluation & ONE|Helpdesk to increase Efficiency

We’re pretty confident you’ll experience a total and utter transformation of your entire life because you self-evaluate your learnings in different interactive ways and with our helpdesk you get the answers to your queries at the Right Time

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