Khushboo Srivastava – Chief Managing Director ONE|Learning

Khushboo Srivastava Khushboo chief managing director
khushboo srivastava

Khushboo Srivastava CMD, ONELearning

Khushboo Srivastava, Chief Managing director at one learning, a ONELearning platform.
We are a startup Training and Development Organization. We achieve closeness and trust with the best quality and training delivery experience. With our passion and innovative training methodologies, we work smarter, laser-focused and take ownership and overachieve our student expectations. This also enables us to craft customized course designs to fit our student’s special needs from time to time.

From the desk of cmd ONE|Learning

Hello everyone,
This is Khushboo Srivastava, I am managing director at one learning
and online learning platforms. I have started My journey, 12 years back as an application engineer, and have worked for companies like Toshiba, GE Healthcare, and Samsung.

During this tenure, I have handled multiple product rules. Mostly I have done a lot of educational programs along with Ultrasound faculties in India. During my corporate journey, I have traveled to many places and I have worked with a lot of ultrasound users and experience their pain areas.
We all know the Healthcare professional is having a hugely demanding job. They have time pressure, They have to deliver a quality diagnosis. They have to also keep themselves updated with the latest technology and guidelines. We thought to create a common platform, which should be an online learning platform which gives them a complete structure training program and which we can attend while sitting and their own place without losing their regular work we do have a lot of content available throughout you know, internet and some platforms as well but that too in a scattered way. So whenever we talked about the structured training programs were somehow it’s missing, Guess what, As ONE|Learning team. We have created of a structured way of learning with a lot of offering in our subscription plans if any ultrasound user joins our one learning platform And choose the mentor so they’ll get the live session, recorded session, and based on that live session, They will evaluate through game-based evaluation. The Faculties will be also posting their case studies in an interactive way and which we will be posting to the subscriber dashboards. So we have introduced the Basic Physics, machine settings, knobology, 3D 4D technical also under the subscription you are attending the life station and applying the same in your machine and having some issues and you can write to our health X we will connect back with the faculty and provide you the complete solution on your query. So that’s how you will get a complete solution on gaining knowledge and keeping yourself updated with the latest technology and guidelines.


Glad to have you at ONE|Learning Healthcare