(One year Regular & Online/Distant program)

Key Features

  • It is a Diploma course in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (DMU).
  •  It is a One year regular full time course.
  •  It is also available as distance learning/Online program with two month at-site hands-on training.
  •  ARDMS exam preparation course. It is a comprehensive course covering core subject SPI, with Abdomen (includes small parts) and OBGYN ultrasound modalities with North American curriculum and scanning protocol for ARDMS registry exam leading to RDMS credential in Abdomen & OBGYN speciality.
  • This program is intended for medical doctors and allied health professionals such as Graduate in RT, Physiotherapy & Nursing, who wish to perform General Abdominal, Small parts, Thyroid, Breasts and OBGYN ultrasonography independently for diagnostic purposes in advance standing or tertiary level.
  • One to One Hands-on training with state of the art training facility, modern ultrasound equipment, supplemented by videos, lectures & American-Canadian licensed instructor.
  • Online/distant learning program is intended for those who are unable to attend in a regular program due to their pre-occupation and/or for foreign students who cannot afford one year leave from their employers. However, they must ready for two month full time at site hands-on training at the end to get a diploma.
  • Online program without hands-0n is also possible for those who are already in ultrasound practice and want to enhance their theoretical knowledge only and will get course achievement certificate.


  • The objective of this one year duration Diploma course is to produce advanced standing sonologist and sonographers through a very intensive and more detail course module comprising both didactic and hands on practical training that will be able to serve the community in a secondary or tertiary level hospitals or clinics.
  •  To obtain RDMS credentials from USA. Our graduates, after completion of their diploma, becomes eligible to sit for American licensing examination popularly known as ARDMS, who provides RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RMSK certificates, a globally recognized credentials in the field of ultrasound. Passing rate of our graduates in ARDMS examination is almost 95-100%, because our curriculum and hands on training follows the curriculum and scanning protocol of ARDMS and CARDUP (Sonography Canada).


  • One year Regular on-site course starts twice in a year:
    • January to December session – class starts in 1 st week of January, each year.
    • July to June session – class starts from 1 st week of July, each year.
  •  Online students must enrol at the same time with Regular on-site course as above.
  •  Distant learners can register any time and can finish at their own pace.
  • Who can apply?

  • Eligibility Criteria for Bangladeshi Residents:
    • MBBS, MD or any equivalent degree in Medicine, recognized by BMDC
  • Eligibility Criteria for Foreign Applicants or NRB:
    •  MBBS, MD or any equivalent degree in Medicine
    • Bachelor in Radiology Technology (RT) or Medical Imaging Technology (BMIT)
    • Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Nursing or Nuclear Medicine.
    • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine (BHMS) or Ayurvedic Medicine.

Courses leading to DMU credential:

(For SPI, Abdomen & OBGYN ultrasound speciality in ARDMS examination require the same subjects)

  • It is a comprehensive course covering all aspect of the ARDMS & CARDUP Guideline for scanning technique and protocol along with didactic course curriculum and hands-on scanning technique and protocol.
  • The following subjects must be taken for completing the DMU program. However, one can
    take individual subjects according to their own needs.
  • To complete Diploma certification, the subjects must be taken are:
    • SPI-101 – Sonographic Principles & Instrumentation
    • SB-102 – Abdominal Ultrasound
    • SP-201 – Small Parts Ultrasound
    • GYN-202 – Gynecology Ultrasound
    • OB-203 – Obstetrics Ultrasound (includes Neurosonology)
  • The above subjects can be taken as full time regular students or as Online/distant courses.
    • CP-101 – Clinical Practicum – Part I (Knobology, Abdomen & Small parts)
    • CP-201 – Clinical Practicum – Part II (OBGYN)
  • The clinical practicum or hands-on training is delivered on-site for six month for regular students and two months for online/distant learners.

International Students:


We welcome students from foreign countries to enrich our campus life and foster lifelong relationships and international cultural interactions.


Foreign students must apply at least three months ahead for visa processing.


The certificates submitted by foreign students as prerequisite must be authorized
and/or recognized by their respective board, university and/or respective medical council.


International students for regular on-site class must apply at least 2-3 months earlier for visa processing.



We have limited access of accommodation facilities at this moment for foreign students nearby the campus.


However, it should be requested earlier to avail a seat. Or if one wants to stay elsewhere, we may assist to find suitable accommodation nearby.

For further info/assistance please contact:

  • Phone/Office:  +91 – 9580463563